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Aqualusso Steam Shower Cabin Enclosure Blog

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Various other features of a steam shower

Posted on September 22 2014, 20:00pm

Various other features of a steam shower

People aren't always content with what they have. In some way, there is always something that can enhance our present belongings. That is why there are improvements and add-ons being provided in some products. This is particularly noticeable in consumer electronics such as mobile phones where firmware updates are propagated every couple of months. Likewise, add-ons are manufactured such as phone printers, camera lenses and signal boosters. All those are done so that consumers are delighted with their device.

The same holds true for steam showers. While it's feasible to purchase a steam shower all packaged up, there are a few shops that offer bare-bones packages. This implies that the sale only consists of the product itself without any added features and add-ons. Picking bare-bones would give one more control as to what features the shower is going to have. The following are some of the functions that are usually incorporated.

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Steam Heat Controller

We are all aware what a thermostat is and exactly what it can do. Simply put, this additional function works like a thermostat. Its duty is to hold the heat within the steam shower at a standard rate. Why is this necessary? One good reason is that every consumer has his or her own preferences. A temperature of fifty degrees Celsius might be good for you but for someone else, it might not be warm enough. Putting In this feature leaves the heat in the grasp of the consumer. This way, nobody will grumble about the temperature being too hot or too cold for his liking.

Steam Timer

Preferably, steam sessions need to only be anywhere between twenty to thirty mins. Going over this range is dangerous for the skin. Most folks think that its easy to monitor time. However, this isn't the case in actual scenarios. A big percentage of users are known to have fallen asleep during the steam session. This is because the surroundings are very comfortable making the person sleepy and relaxed. Regardless if there is a clock in the bathroom, one will surely forget to peek at it and concentrate on relaxing instead. An excellent technique to resolve this is to preset your smart phone or alarm clock to notify you. Nevertheless, it is a lot more handy to utilize the steam timer feature instead. Deep sleepers will in no way notice the alarm clock after all. The timer works by instantly shutting off the steam when time is up. This is helpful as one can remain dozing off within the steam shower without the need to fret about flipping it off.

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LED lighting

Many showers have a ceiling that has room for further lighting. This is a fantastic place to set up LED lights. Because the steam shower is plugged in, you can tap into the grid directly and drive the extra LEDs Why LEDs? They are small yet extremely bright. Also, they consume very minimal electricity. With LED ceiling lights set up, you can stop making use of the bathroom lights altogether for the duration of the steam session.

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